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Storybook Living Room Set Store Content Review

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Storybook Living Room Set Store Content Review Empty Storybook Living Room Set Store Content Review

Post  aricarai on Wed Jul 17, 2013 5:12 pm

Name of Set: Storybook Living Room Set
Reviewer: Mystik1978
Price of Set: 1,000 simpoints
*Pictures coming soon*

Everyone loves the classics and I am no different! The Storybook Theme combines old fashion charm with a touch of magic to give your Sims a fairytale feel to their home.

About The Set: This set includes 20 items. There are six build mode items - three window and two doors and one column.

Two of them are different windows which are nice if you want to do the full storybook look inside your house.  I personal enjoy the different sizes and they are both fully recolorable which allows for you to add your own spin on this design.  The third window is a nice open bay window that has elegant designs on it to really make it stand out.

The doors come with one main door and one archway door. The arch-way door is a very simple design but one I find I use over and over again. The door has a nice open window and some pretty etching designs in it.

The single column can be used in a variety of different ways and I think was a wonderful addition to this set.  The etched designs in this are really nice.

There are two different curtains - both are big and bulky so can be challenging when decorating but does fit well with the theme since they are meant to be like heavy drapery. I wish there were more panels for recoloring these but all in all I think they are both well done.

When we get into the thick of this set, we have three main living room furniture pieces. A couch, loveseat and overstuffed chair all with the same two panel ability for recoloring.  While I personally wish there were more panels in these for recoloring overall I think you can do a decent amount when it comes to changing the look and feel of this set.

There are three tables in this set - a coffee table, and two different style end tables.  Again, I wish there was more ability to recolor, but I think the wood tones are nice just as they are. These are a few of the EA items I often do not feel the need to recolor.

For lighting we have two main pieces in this set, simply put a tall one and a short one.  Not much to scream and holler about in this one, they are simple, efficient, and go well in the set.

Lastly, there are four "accessory type" pieces. These are the classic add-ons that often make a set a set, in my opinion.  In this one, we have a tall mirror, which seemed a bit out of place to me in a living room set. I personally think the tall mirror would go better in the bedroom set, but it is still a nice piece.  Then there is a painting, a statue and a vase type item.  All are nice pieces that fit in the theme well and make nice additions to the set.

Pros:  In my opinion this set is well rounded with everything you need in a living room.  Most everything has at least two panels to re-color, the additions of build objects go well to really make this a really nice set for the price.

Cons: Overall I do not feel there are too many cons with this set, what you need is what you get. While I wish there had been a few more accessories/knick-knack type items to play with, this is one set I could honestly say I was pretty pleased with.  

Items That I Would Like to Have Seen Added in This Set:  I would have liked to see a bookshelf and rug to complete this set, as well as a few more knick-knack items, such as another painting or two or perhaps a different type of statue.

Reason This Set Is My Favorite: Being one of EA’s older sets, it is one I still use often in my game.  I enjoy the simple romantic feel this entire set has as well as the other Storybook sets, that make for a complete fairytale feel to your Sims’ home.  If you enjoy things with a medieval feel and want to keep the magic alive for your Sims then I highly recommend this set.

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